Monday, January 30, 2012

diligent and pragmatic

good business letter in English communication and business negotiation;☆ import procurement, supplier development, maintaining supplier relationships, and participating more experienced;☆ familiar with international trade, import and export procedures and customs clearance services;☆ skilled use of Microsoft Office Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Outlook and other office software;Glogous Wedding Wears for Children
☆ honest, diligent and pragmatic, responsible, serious effort to have a good team spirit and communication skills;I can be in a complex environment, positive and independent work. My biggest advantage is to have a strong learning ability and dedication and a certain degree of coordination and team spirit. I know how to get along with all sorts of people, and carry the team or group work. I think these experiences of my professional and personal development is very importantMeticulous, conscientious and responsible, perseverance, dedication; good at learning, proactive, honest and trustworthy, with a spirit of teamwork; work with clear objectives, a reasonable plan, has a good ability to withstand pressure and adapt to the environment.1 have the marine fuel and lubricants industry sales experience, in the expansion of international experience in project and accumulated a large number of potential customers.
(2) Advanced Business English translator, fluent Korean, Cantonese, communication and coordination ability.
3 In the past nearly three years of international business development in the accumulation of industry knowledge and experience related to my field of planning, negotiation, sales capacity has been fully improved. Competent in different fields project planning, operation, and implementation.4 adaptable, good in the new environment to learn, explore, adjust the mentality to cope with different job challenges.5 work is meticulous, rigorous, passionate, responsible. Man sincere, straightforward, others sincere, cheerful, interested in social networking, finding new business opportunities Romantic Wedding Chocolates.I am a pro-active at work, practical seriously, dedication, hard-working people; in the life of plain living, and optimistic, passionate for life, not far behind; focus on learning the application of knowledge and social practice, be happy innovation, like thinking, full of strong-minded; treat friends and colleagues compared the easy-going, focusing on cooperation with others, emphasis on teamwork, honest and sincere, serious, important details; in school. Spoken English to participate actively in the hospital and won first prize competitions, English drama performance competition, love the campus, "civilized, and fostering new" Speech Contest and other variety of campus activities.

the work involved in the specific operating

Of microelectronic devices and technologies related to a clear understanding. With assembly and C programming language. Software using Verilog and Candence six-input NAND gates and D flip-flop description and draw PCB layout, circuit functions to build the simulation and verification. Thesis is completed with HSPICE current-mode filter design and simulation.
Work involved in new product introduction, new materials evaluation and process improvement projects, the work involved in the specific operating procedures and report writing with full understanding.
Believe that your trust will bring us mutual success! Hope I can contribute to your own strength!After I graduated from college in two medium-sized foreign-funded enterprises, first in Denso Co., Ltd. Fujikura Zhuhai engaged in production management and to the marketing department for six years in marketing management for four years. October 2005 into the Huizhou up with overall responsibility for branch sales and market development and corporate management. Through ten years of work experience and a variety of formal training, I accumulated a lot of marketing and plant management experience. To set up, the leadership team and achieve goals, have a strong ability to grasp the policy, a good social network of resources, good personal management skills , principles, good communication, strong team spirit, good work performance, there is a good industry reputation. Can work under pressure. Professionalism and good work ethic, has a strong appeal and cohesion, new responsibility, dedication and strong. Familiar with domestic appliances, communications, electronics, automotive and other industriesAmazing Wedding Color Details . Practical experience, has successfully developed many well-known clients, accumulated a large number of clients. Active personality, hobbies, job dedication, adaptability, like all new things and accept the challenge,Current Panasonic China IT Solution department as Acting Minister, to provide users with sales areas of business consulting and IT consulting ( / Oracle Siebel / Ecommerce).
 5 + years management experience in large corporate IT departments, rich multi-level and multi-organizational management, subordinate performance and incentive management, investment planning and cost management experience.
 6 years + ERP / CRM project management experience of large, complex project management, concurrent multi-project management, product selection, IT maintenance and management, and in 2005 to lead the project team through the CMMI L5 certification;
 12 + years of related business consulting and IT consulting experience in Oracle EBS, manage or participate in 15 + implementation of the project, involving the retail industry and manufacturing industry clients, foreign and domestic clients with global project management experience; A French Modern Wedding
 good communication and coordination, guidance and grasp customer needs and establish long-term relationship of trustHelpful, good at thinking
BOE R & D center for two years in the post of the circuit engineer, is responsible for TFT-LCD module circuit design. Work is very pleasant, but want to return to Shenzhen Development. with the customer; http://forum.framasoft.orgmulti-organizational coordination and management experience; have in aviation, FMCG, consumer durables, high-tech industry, as well as in distribution, manufacturing and retail industry experience in business consulting and IT consulting;

Thursday, July 15, 2010

one of them cost over 500 million RMB

To be an excellent electrical engineer became my important dream since the day I chose Electrical Engineering as my major. So, my short term and long term objectives will be subject to that. For short-term, I plan to adjust myself to a role of engineer from a student. And for long-term, I wish cheap prom dressI could become an expert in this fieldcheap lacoste polo shirts. A highly motivated Professional with more than 6 years experiences and a successful track record in Business analysis and DW&Reporting, possessing expert skills in addition to excellent communication, interpersonal and analytical skills seeking a challenging position where these skills will be fully utilized. Excellent knowledge and experience on product design and factory management,prom dress EHS and GMP: machine design, manufacture and machine installing and producing management; with responsibility for Engineering Department on power supply, machine maintenance, machine installation and machine alteration,prom dresses waste water treatment plant, soft water treatment plant; energy saving project ; great projects management experience and leadership on plant setup, polo shirtsone of them cost over 500 million RMB.

Process Design

Six Years working experience in worldwide Fortune 500 MNC, starting career with management trainee program in the first two years. By focusing on financial management and partnering with business ed hardy underwearoperation, I have been keeping sharpening my edge competence and business sense in diversified backgrounds alongside international exposures. * I am with a bit more thanlacoste polo shirts 4 years work experience,ed hardy trousers 2.5 year focus on business under supply planning in 3M and demand planning in Unilever, with another 1.5 year focusing on SAP implementation project. ed hardy hoodiesMy main functional expertise is integrated planning *My areas of expertise include Demand and Supply Planning, Gap Analysis, Process Design, Business Integration and Training Planning. A team player with high self-confidence,good engineering background and more than 8 years experience for peoject management.
Career Objective: pillott

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Responsibilities and Achievements

Mainly supporting exporting business, Lacoste Polo Shirtsensuring successful Lacoste Polo Shirtsdealings with foreign customers, my hard working and high efficiency were approved by customers. Organizing sales conferencesell discount wedding dresses sell discount wedding dressesand attending exhibitions, successfully made promotion during the international printing exhibition and organized global sales conference. 1. Exporting:- Supporting exporting business, communicating with foreign customers, blog lace wedding dressesconfirming blog lace wedding dressesorders, delivery term and payment term with customers, inform Manufacturing Dept. to arrange production. Arrange delivery and receipt of the goods. - Making exporting documents for custom on the base of exporting and paying method, preparing custom clearance documents for foreign customers (as those documents requeired by L/C) . - Keeping good business relationship with customers, collect requests and response from customers. - Making records of customer information and coordinate sales volumes. - Collecting and keeping records of each transaction, documents and letters exchanged with customers, relevant shipping documents, as well as details of goods sent out.
2. Marketing:- Marketing different version of products, including catalogue designing, writing and translating introduction articles, contacting with advertising companies, magazines and web sites to make catalogues and do advertisement. - Arranging participation in exhibitions, planning and organizing the events during the exhibition. Arranging booth designing and decorating. Receiving foreign visitors to the booth during exhibitions.
- Organizing and planning global sales conferences, making time schedule, receiving customers. Full knowledge in office operation, reliability in managing tasks- Good teamwork, good ability to help in maximizing the efficiency of the team
- Excellent ability in communicating in both English and Chinese, smooth translation and interpretation between Chinese and English, proficient operation of office software- Knowledge in operation concerning with sales, market, and advertisement.


1.Responsible for gerneral business cheap ralph lauren polo shirtsofcheap ralph lauren polo shirts company,travel around to attend exhibitions and getting orders,search and visit factories,to look for new products and quotes,Lacoste Polodo the factory-audit. 2.Make Lacoste Polo
out market research and factories ralph lauren polo shirtsassessments ralph lauren polo shirtsreports,products plan and suggestions for my customer's view and comments. Seek quotations and samples from factories and had a aluation ,inspection and comparison on both overall productivity and prices level the decide the best one. 3.Place orders with factories,follow up them till finished.During this courses,we may need visit factories regularly to investigate and solve problems,make sure the orders are finished correctly.
4.Arrange QC and shipment,getting the whole set of documents and do payment settlement.Also others regular daily orders' after sales works and services. 5.Successfully managed many suppliers and coordinated them to deliver goods rightly and timely.Arrange each vassel member work and task,supervise them to finish them well,to join them together solve problems,to help them improve,hold meetings regularly to discuss them problems.All the orders had a perfect completed in very good time like samples,prices requiring,factory audition and shipment.
6.Make our each or entire work goal,and to motivate them to achieve it.Monthly make reports to feedback problems and hand in suggestion to general manager.Report Directly to: boss Number of Subordinate: 5 Reference: boss Achievements: Be achieved in this company on this position, finished 6 millions US dollars turnover. 1.Attending the lighting fair ,go out to look for customers and orders,meet customers in company and receiving orders(Ever been to Hongkong lighting fair,Canton fair,Shenzhen fair and Guzhen fair).
2.Introduce and talk about products in showroom,check the details and specifications,make quote,conclude deal and payment.Successfully developed customers like Genlite,Access, the past, my personal sales volume monthly amount to US$300000 within half of year.
3.Follow up orders,handle and settle the problems during orders production or when customers have claims,till satisfactory.Arrange QC and shipment.Visit customers when necessary.
4.Responsible for the company’s products show preparation,design and products choosing, and more than 70% of the products which I picked out received good comments from customers.Meantime give suggestions to R/D make out new products and new catalogue,to choose the marketing goods for catalogue and these products received a popularation from exceeding 80% of customers.
5.Responsible for the payment,after shipment we advise customers to pay us and then send out documents,also regularly make out unpaid and unshipped orders, timely push to be paid.Be conversant with L/C,T/T.Ever solved the payment crisis,finally negotiated to

Exodus continues at Call of Duty developer

You'd think, after producing a game catching a glimpse of a lightwhich had the most lucrative launch in entertainment history, the staff of developer Infinity Ward would have earned a hearty slap on the back and a nice vacation.
But for an alarming number of keyWhere will life take you? staff at the studio, those vacations turned out to be permanent. Following the sensational March firing of the studio's founders, news emerged this week that two more high ranking Infinity Ward staff -- Todd Alderman and Francesco Gigliotti -- have left the A journey is not a tripcompany.Alderman was instrumental in the development of the game's class-leading multiplayer and carries a co-writing credit for the game's single-player campaignImpossible made possible. Gigliotti was the studio's lead software engineer. Both men were hired by Infinity Ward in 2002, the year before the studio rose to fame with the release of the first Call of Duty game. Alderman and Gigliotti's departures follow March's firing of Modern Warfare co-crCome to where the flavor iseators Jason West and Vince Zampella, who fired back with a $36m lawsuit accusing the studio's owners Activision of "astonishing arrogance
The great thing about video games is that they're stuck on your screen. I don’t mean that callously, I mean that out of safety. You want horror? Imagine if the giant centipede from Centipede could stroll out of the game and into your living room. They don’t make Raid cans big enough to deal with that kind of freak-out. But luckily, they do make awesome online videos that give us an idea of the kind of insanity that would ensue should game characters burst out of a TV and roam about New York. It's called 'Pixels,' it's created by French director Patrick Jean, and it's sweeping across the web like wildfire: Highlights include Donkey Kong lobbing barrels from atop the Empire State building, Space Invaders descending upon unsuspecting taxis, Tetris blocks raining down on Manhattan, Pac-Man chomping up a subway and -- my personal favorite -- Frogger simply hopping across the street. And this time, he makes it!Jean directed the astounding piece for Paris-based visual effects company One More Production, whose other work includes a variety of commercials and even a music video by Moby. Something tells us he's going to get a lot more work soon.